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Using Vibe Canvas on other devices
Using Vibe Canvas on other devices

Collaborate when using Vibe from a computer or tablet

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Vibe's whiteboarding software can be used on a computer, iPad, or tablet - so you can access and collaborate when you are on the go or working remotely.

Vibe also has a view-only mobile app, so you can access and follow your teams on the board.

Logging into Vibe on a Computer

  • To log into Vibe’s web app on the computer, go to in your web browser

  • If you need to register, you can use your email account for Google, Microsoft, Slack, or Apple ID to sign up for Vibe.

  • If you received an invitation code, you can join the board as a guest without signing in.

Using Vibe on an iPad or an iPhone

💡 Note: Canvas is view-only on iPhone.

Download and install the "Vibe Canvas" app from the Apple App store.

Using Vibe on Android devices

  1. Using Vibe Canvas on an Android tablet, go to and sign into your account.

  2. Using Vibe Canvas on an Android phone, download and install the Vibe Canvas app from the Google Play store. (Canvas is view-only on Android phones)

💡 Note: The Vibe mobile app is view-only, so you cannot collaborate or make edits to Vibe boards from your phone.

However, the mobile app does have a QR code scanner which makes it easy to log into your Vibe account on a Vibe board.

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