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Can I talk to someone at Vibe if I still have questions?
Can I talk to someone at Vibe if I still have questions?

If you have questions or would like to discuss your particular use case, you should schedule time with one of our product experts.

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Vibe offers a 15 or 30-minute 1:1 discussion that you can schedule at your convenience.

  • Before purchasing a Vibe board, many customers find it helpful to schedule a 1:1 discussion via Zoom with one of our product experts.

  • These meetings are conducted via Zoom video conference so you can see Vibe in action and even join the same board remotely via our web app during the call.

  • These calls can be recorded and you are welcome to invite as many people on your evaluation team as you'd like.

What should I expect during a 1:1 discussion?

  • During the call, we will discuss your goals for a new device, and current applications you would like to integrate and address any questions you might have.

  • We will also join the Zoom meeting through the Vibe board and share the board's screen so we can show you specific features live.

Can you record this discussion?

  • All of our calls can be recorded so you can share them with your team - please just ask at the beginning of the call!

What if I am in another country? Can we schedule a live call for our time zone?

  • Yes, absolutely. Please email with your time zone and availability and we would be happy to coordinate setting up a 1:1 discussion.

  • Please note that our team is based in Pacific Time Zone (Seattle, WA).

    Ready to talk to someone? To book a 1:1 call, please select the best day/time here.


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