Vibe Canvas: May 2023

Release date - 5/6/2023

Updated over a week ago

🚀 New Features:

  • Animated images: users can now import .gif images into Canvas, this makes it easy to add dynamic visual content to your collaborative canvas.

  • More font families: we’ve added support for *5 new predefined font families *(Inter, Stix Two Text, Ubuntu, IBM Plex Mono, Comic Neue) giving users more flexibility to customize the look and feel of their text.

  • Easy image replacement: users can now replace an image in their canvas without worrying about modifying the size or position of the image magnet.

📈 Enhancements:

  • Flexible text sizing: now users can even more easily create text fields with just the right size, by simply dragging your cursor to your desired size, and the text will automatically adjust to fit the space.

  • Improved connector flexibility: connectors can be attached to any point inside a rectangle magnet, giving users even more flexibility and precision when connecting and arranging their content.

  • Expandable magnets: easily view and edit overflowing text content within a magnet with our new expand icon. Just click it to expand the magnet and reveal the full text.

  • Sticky Notes with Author Name: see who contributed each idea or comment with our new feature that displays the author’s name by default. Collaborate more effectively and transparently with Sticky Notes.

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