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Vibe Canvas: Sep 2023

Release date - 9/7/2023

Updated over a week ago

🚀 New Features:

  • Equal Spacing Guideline: We introduce the equal spacing hint for guidelines in Canvas, which provides users with a visual guide to ensure precise alignment of shapes and sticky notes and any other objects!

  • New Share Dialog: The new share dialog offers a more intuitive and user-friendly experience for managing permissions and sharing settings.

    • This update simplifies the process, making it easier than ever to control who has access to your content.

  • New Toolbar(beta users access only): We’re excited to introduce our new and improved toolbar, which brings an upgrade to accessibility.

    • This redesign consolidates previous modes for brushes, shapes, sticky notes, and objects into a single, user-friendly interface, resulting in a more intuitive and efficient experience.

  • Zoom Level Sync(beta users access only): Users can now switch between pages with a consistent zoom level experience across multiple pages in fixed size Canvas.

    • This streamlines the workflow and enhances the overall presentation, ensuring a polished and professional look across all elements and content.

  • Scroll View Navigation(beta users access only): We build scroll view designed specifically for one-directional Canvas. This function provides users with a convenient and intuitive way to navigate their content.

    • The scroll view acts as a visual guide, offering a quick overview of the current viewport and enabling seamless manipulation for swift content navigation.

📈 Enhancements:

  • More seamless experience for weak networks: We’re excited to introduce a seamless experience for users in weak network conditions.

    • Canvas now intelligently caches user actions during disconnected periods, ensuring that workflows and experiences remain uninterrupted. Once reconnected, Canvas will seamlessly merge incoming data, providing a smooth and continuous user experience.

  • Finger drawing support(beta users access only): We introduce finger drawing support on Vibe Board.

    • This enhancement makes it even more convenient for users to dive into whiteboarding without the need for a pen. Now, you can effortlessly start drawing with just your fingers!

  • Connector Anchor Enhancement: In this enhancement, we’ve refined our connector to make it easier to merge anchors.

    • This results in more elegant and tidy connectors, enhancing the overall visual appeal and professionalism when linking different objects.

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