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Setting up Vibe Device
How to set up the Vibe Board S1 55" and stand
How to set up the Vibe Board S1 55" and stand
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This article applies to the Vibe Board S1 55β€³.

Assembly notes

  1. Caution: The Vibe board and stand are heavy and require a minimum of two people to install. Use caution when lifting them.

  2. If screws are found missing or loose, please contact professional repair services or contact Vibe customer service.

  3. Caution: If you choose a third-party wall mount, the wall mount chosen should be able to support 120lbs plus the self weight of the mount.

  4. Avoid high temperature, explosive gas and strong electromagnetic interference during installation.

  5. Keep the product away from direct sunlight.

  6. To reduce the risk of fire or electrical shock, do not expose this product to rain, moisture or other liquids. Do not touch the board with wet hands. Do not install this product near flammable objects such as gasoline or candles, or expose the board to direct air conditioning.

  7. Make sure all screws are secured properly to avoid board falling down.

  8. Please carefully read the installation manual and follow the instructions. Vibe is not liable to injuries caused by improperly following the manual.

  9. Please contact us directly if you have any questions when reading the manual.

Installing the Stand

Please follow below instruction -

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