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Cloud drive integration & supported file types on the Vibe Board
Cloud drive integration & supported file types on the Vibe Board

Vibe accounts can integrate with cloud storage (Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, or Dropbox) in order to easily import images or files.

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πŸ’‘ Note: Cloud drive integrations require a different type of configuration (to an individual's Vibe account rather than the device), please see this page if you are looking for information on other 3rd party applications that can be used on Vibe.

Setting up your cloud drive integration:

  • Create your Vibe account if you haven't done so already, and log into your Vibe account from your Vibe board.

  • You can insert files from your local device or cloud storage, as well as insert canvas templates.

  • Log into your account and follow the setup process.

Which type of file formats can I import?

  • The type of file format that can be imported into Vibe will depend on the source the file is coming from. Please see the below table for reference.

  • All image files and PDF files should be able to import from any location.

  • Size limit: for image files, the size limit for importing is 5MB.

Notes on importing files:

  • Image files will import as an object that can be resized, moved, or deleted with your fingers or stylus (similar to a post-it note or text box).

  • PDF or any other file format will import as multiple pages (Vibe can support up to 100 pages per board) and will become part of the canvas and cannot be erased (but you can delete the page or the board - please see this video on page management)

  • If you do not use cloud storage, we recommend uploading files using the import button ("+") on the toolbar in the Vibe web app.

πŸ’‘ Note: If you use Google Drive, Box, or local file storage and need to import a PowerPoint file, we recommend that you save the document as a PDF and then import it from your storage platform.

Exporting Vibe sessions back to Cloud Drive:

  • Vibe sessions can be exported back to cloud drives as a PDF document (if you have multiple pages, the export will include all pages).

  • To export, go to the dropdown menu under the title of the board, and select "Export...."

  • This will launch a menu where you can select which cloud drive to export to.

  • Your Canvas will be saved to a new folder called "Vibe" where all your exports can be accessed.

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