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Troubleshooting & FAQs
Troubleshooting & FAQs
Find the answers for frequently asked questions from the Vibe community.
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How to Troubleshoot Casting Issues

Understanding Vibe Canvas Offline Modes
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How to find the MAC address on the Vibe Board
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3rd Party Stand & Mount Options
SAML Single Sign-on
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Vibe Board Pro 75" Remote Controller
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Find the Vibe Board model and serial number
How to Secure Vibe Casting from Unwanted Screen Casts
How to use a video capture card to connect video input to Vibe Board
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Using Vibe Canvas on other devices
How to Create a Shortcut on the Vibe Board
Wall Mounts for Vibe Board S1 55"
How to Update the Vibe Board S1 55" Display Firmware
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How can I Add or Import Images to Vibe Canvas?
My Screen is Stuck on the Vibe Logo During the First-time Bootup on the Vibe Board Pro 75″
Canvas Getting Started
Canvas Pen Tool
How is the Vibe board powered?
Which cameras and microphones work with the Vibe Board Pro 75″
Kiosk Mode on Vibe Board