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How to flash image manually for Vibe Pro 75"
How to flash image manually for Vibe Pro 75"

Instructions to manually flash the system image for Vibe Board Pro 75".

Updated over a week ago

This article applies to the Vibe Board Pro 75".


Make a USB installation drive

  1. Download the image from here.

  2. Uncompress the downloaded file so that you can see the "chromiumos_base_image.bin" file
    *(please note you may need to unzip the file twice to get to the base image file)

  3. Prepare a USB drive with at least 16 G. Please note all content on the drive will be erased.

  4. Download USB imaging tool BalenaEtcher.

  5. Follow the instruction to image the USB drive by using the chromiumos_base_image.bin file.

Flash the Image

  1. Plug in the USB in Vibe’s USB slots and connect your USB Keyboard.

  2. Press F11during bootup to enter the boot mode selection.

  3. Boot from the USB.

  4. Once booted, follow the on-screen instructions for a full installation.

  5. It takes approximately 10 mins for the process.

  6. After installation, please unplug the USB and restart the system again.

  7. Please follow the instruction here to clear the TPM.

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