Vibe Board Pro 75" release history

This article applies to Vibe Board Pro 75".

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Vibe Pro 1.1.1 (9/1/2022)


  • Enhanced Private Session Control

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed a bug that made the onscreen keyboard sometimes disappear

Vibe Pro 1.1.0 (8/11/2022)

New Features:

  • Screen Lock Settings

  • Advanced Picture in Picture Mode


  • Confirm Before Powering Off

Bug Fix:

  • Caught another bug in the dual monitor mode

Vibe Pro 1.0.2 (7/22/2022)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented auto-end-session from being canceled

  • Updated BIOS to fix enterprise enrollment issues

Vibe Pro 1.0.0 (7/8/2022)

New Features:

  • Power Saving Settings

  • Enable Kiosk Mode


  • Miro touchscreen mode

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed an issue that start-screen crashes when connected to an external screen

Vibe Pro 0.9.6 (6/24/2022)

New Features:

  • Customize Home Screen Widgets

  • Get a Head Start with Onboarding Tours

  • New Android Apps Available

  • Cast Settings and Configuration

  • Video Conferencing Account Settings

  • Custom Screensavers


  • More Intuitive Set-Up

  • Refined One-Click VC Set-Up

Vibe Pro 0.7.1 (2/13/2022)

New Features:

  • Customize your widgets on the homescreen

  • Get a head start with onboarding tours


  • More intuitive first-time setup experience

  • Refined one-click video conferencing setup process

Vibe Pro 0.7.0 (1/28/2022)


  • General improvements to the Vibe board and Canvas software to increase performance.

Vibe Pro 0.6.0 (12/27/2021)

New Feature:

  • Support for File Transfer


  • Improved split-screen feature

  • Simplified Initial Setup Process

  • Hotspot Settings Retained after Reboot

Vibe Pro 0.5.0 (12/1/2021)

New Feature:

  • On Vibe Canvas, export files to Cloud Drives


  • Improved Launch Bar

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the on-screen keyboard becomes transparent

  • Fixed an issue that Airplay fails on some M1 Macs

  • Fixed Youtube App crashing in the 0.4.0 version

  • Fixed an issue where the HotSpot password changes after reboot

Vibe Pro 0.4.0 (10/26/2021)


  • Support for screen mirroring using HotSpot

  • A smaller, movable keyboard for more efficient typing is now available

  • Improved Chromium browser address bar

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