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Vibe Board S1 55″ old release history
Vibe Board S1 55″ old release history

This article applies to Vibe Board S1 55″.

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Vibe S1 1.1.1 (9/1/2022)

New Feature:

  • Better annotation experience in HDMI mode


  • Enhanced Private Session Control

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed a bug that made the onscreen keyboard sometimes disappear

Vibe Pro 1.1.0 (8/11/2022)

New Features:

  • Screen Lock Settings

  • Advanced Picture in Picture Mode


  • Confirm Before Powering Off

Bug Fix:

  • Caught another bug in the dual monitor mode

Vibe S1 1.0.2 (7/22/2022)

New Feature:

  • Vibe SmartCam C1 Update


  • Volume Control

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented auto-end-session from being canceled

  • Updated BIOS to fix enterprise enrollment issues

  • Fixed an issue that caused the power-saving idle action to activate when HDMI-in is used

Vibe S1 1.0.0 (7/8/2022)

New Features:

  • Power Saving Settings

  • [4 Touch] Supports Cast and Touchback

  • Enable Kiosk Mode

  • Vibe SmartCam C1 updates


  • Miro touchscreen mode

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed an issue that start-screen crashes when connected to an external screen

Vibe S1 0.9.6 (6/24/2022)

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed a high CPU usage issue

Vibe S1 0.9.5 (6/21/2022)


  • Refined 1-click video conference set up process

  • Refined Tutorial animations

  • Optimize web application compatibility

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the bug that Vibe One sometimes cannot find the device

  • Fixed the bug that 1-click video conference would direct to the App List

  • Fixed S1 device policy refresh sometimes not working correctly

Vibe S1 0.9.4 (6/10/2022)

New Features:

  • Cast settings and configuration

  • Android APPs available in Vibe APP store

  • VC account settings

  • Screen saver with custom images

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