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How to flash image manually for the Original Vibe Board 55″
How to flash image manually for the Original Vibe Board 55″

Instructions to manually flash/reimage the system image for the Original Vibe Board 55″ using a Windows PC.

Updated over a week ago

This article applies to the Original Vibe Board 55″.

💡 Note: You have to use Windows operating system to flash image.


  1. On your Windows PC, download and unzip it. Run the DriverInstall.exe file inside the unzipped folder. Click the left button to continue installing DriverAssistant on your PC. A window will appear after the driver is installed successfully.

  2. Connect your Vibe board to your Windows PC using an Android USB cable into the microUSB or USB-C port on the V1 board.

  3. Download the system image file and unzip it to get the .img file.

  4. Download AndroidTool_Release , unzip it, and launch AndroidTool.exe.

  5. In AndroidTool, go to the "Upgrade Firmware" tab. Click the "Switch" button and wait until you see "Found One LOADED Device".

    • You may see the pop-up window below on your board, click OK and proceed the steps on the PC.

  6. Click the "Firmware" button and select the .img file you extracted. It will show image details like version and chipset.

  7. Click "Upgrade" to start flashing the image. This usually takes less than 10 minutes. The device will boot slowly after flashing.

  8. Relax and wait for the process to complete. Your Vibe board will have the new system image flashed.

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