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Does Vibe support Single Sign-on (SSO)?
Does Vibe support Single Sign-on (SSO)?

Vibe supports two popular forms of SSO: OAuth SSO and SAML for the Original Vibe Board 55".

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  • OAuth-based SSO is enabled by default - there is no setup required.

  • Users can use an identity provider from Microsoft, Google, or Slack. This includes all types of individual email accounts from Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc., as well as work accounts from G-Suite, Office 365, and Microsoft Exchange.


  • Additionally, Vibe supports SAML-based SSO. SAML is more common in an enterprise setting and allows organizations to have a unified identity provision and more flexibility for access control and user account management.

  • Currently, it is a one-time manual process to set up a SAML-based SSO for Vibe. Email to start a ticket and initiate the setup process.

For Okta, Microsoft Azure, and G Suite (SAML) setup, please refer to this article for more details: SAML Single Sign-on.

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