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How to Access Windows Shared Folders on Vibe
How to Access Windows Shared Folders on Vibe
Learn how to access Windows shared network folders/drivers from your Vibe device using the built-in SMB file sharing feature.
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This article applies to the Vibe Board S1 55″/Vibe Board Pro 75″.

💡 Note: To bring Windows users into the VibeOS file fold, we brought network file sharing through SMB(Server Message Block) into the stable channel. What it means is that you can seamlessly access network files and folder without switching to Developer mode or Canary channel.

Find the Network Share Path on Windows PC

  1. First of all, right-click on the Windows folder that you want to share with your board and open Properties. Move to the Sharing tab and click on Advanced Sharing.

  2. Next, enable the checkbox for Share the folder and click on the OK button. Note the folder name as it will be used in the network path(Try to keep the folder name as one word to prevent any ambiguity in the file path).

  3. If you want, you can allow read, write and delete privileges as well by clicking on the Permissions button. Basically, this will give you full control over the Windows folders on your board.

  4. Now, you have successfully shared a folder that can be accessed on board through a common network. Now we need to find the IP address of the Windows PC. Click on the WiFi or Ethernet icon on the Taskbar and open Properties of the common network.

  5. Now, scroll down and note down the IPv4 address.

  6. Now that you have collected all the required information, this is how your network file path will look like.

    smb://Your PC IP Address/Shared Folder Name

    Here’s an example:


  7. Now that you have got the idea of network sharing path, let’s move to board for some action.

Connect Windows Shared Folders to Vibe Board

  1. Open the Files app.

  2. At the top right, click the three dots menu icon and select Services -> SMB file share.

  3. If there are any Linux or Unix shared folders available, they will automatically appear in the dropdown menu. Select the folder you want to access.

  4. For Windows shared folders, you will need to manually enter the folder information including your username and password to authenticate.

  5. After entering the details for your shared folder, and click Add. You will see it appear in the Files app. You can now access, open, edit and save files in that shared folder directly from your board.

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