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How to resolve captive portal issue on VibeOS
How to resolve captive portal issue on VibeOS
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This article applies to the Vibe Board S1 55"/S1 75"/Pro 75".

💡 Note:

  • This is a known issue with ChromeOS, and since our VibeOS is based on ChromeOS, you may encounter a similar problem.

  • The workaroubd outlined in this document involves network settings. We recommend contacting your local network administrator or directly reaching out to our customer support for assistance.

If you're seeing below error window or error message Device cannot connect to any wireless network or Network not available, you may need to allow access to additional hosts through your firewall.

The hosts listed below must be accessible via HTTP port 80 in order for VibeOS to detect the device as connected to the Internet. If your firewall supports wildcards, you may be able to use a wildcard to allowlist alt*

In addition to allowing these hosts through your firewall, if you perform TLS or SSL inspection on your network, you’ll need to also follow the instructions on how to Set up a hostname allowlist.

Hosts to allowlist

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