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How to add and manage comments in Vibe Canvas
How to add and manage comments in Vibe Canvas

Comments take collaboration to the next level. You can use comments to respond to feedback, tweak your designs, and iterate more efficiently

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Who can use this feature?

  • Anyone with a Vibe account can leave comments.

  • At least view access to the Canvas file is necessary.

How to activate the Commenting mode

  • You can add comments to your Canvas in commenting mode. Tap on the comment icon in the upper right corner to enter commenting mode.

  • Commenting mode is activated when the icon is highlighted. You can't make any changes to objects in the canvas while in commenting mode.

  • You can tap it again to inactivate so that you can select another tool in the toolbar and continue editing the file.

Add a comment

  1. When the commenting mode is activated, you can add a comment on a blank location in the canvas. Tap on the location you would like to add a comment

  2. Type your message in the field.

  3. Click the blue arrow to send your message.

If you move your comment to an object, your comment will be attached to that object.

View comments

You can view comments from a few places:

  • On the Canvas

    Comments will be shown on the canvas where they have been added. Click on a comment icon in the canvas to view the comment and replies.

  • From the Comment Side Panel

    All the comments in the file will be listed in the Comment Side Panel on the right side of the board. Select any comment on the side panel to open it in Canvas.

Sort and filter comments

All comments on the board are listed in the Comment Side Panel on the right. Comments are ranked by time sent - any new comments will be shown at the top, followed by older comments.

The filter at the top of the panel allows you to select which comments you'd like to view.

  1. Click the dropdown next to All.

  2. You then have two options:

    • Choose All to view all Comments on the canvas.

    • Choose Unread to view the comments that you haven't read.

  3. You can also decide if you'd like to Show resolved comments. Click on the setting to turn it on/off.

Reply to comments

Anyone can view, add and reply to Comments, including Viewers.

  1. Open the comment. You can either click on the comment on the canvas or select the comment from the Comment Side Panel.

  2. The Comment box will appear with a Reply field. Tap the Reply field to type in your message.

  3. Click Done to add your comment to the thread.

  4. You can add replies to the thread as needed.

Resolve comments

Once the feedback is no longer relevant, you can 'Resolve' the Comment. This will hide the Comment from both the Comment Side Panel and the Canvas.

  1. Click on the Comment in the Canvas or Comment Side Panel to open it.

  2. Click the checkbox in the top-right corner to mark it as Resolved:

    resolve comments
  3. This will hide the Comment from both the Comment Side Panel and the Canvas.

πŸ’‘ Note: If this has been done accidentally, you can click the checkbox again to 'Unresolve'.

You will need to turn on the Show Resolved setting to view those comments again. Learn more in the "Sort and filter comments" section above.

Edit or delete comments

You can also edit or delete any comment you post. If you delete a comment with replies, this will delete the entire thread.

  • Edit or delete a single comment

    • Select any comment.

    • Click on the three-dot menu on the right side of the Comment box.

    • Choose Edit or Delete from the options:

      delete single comment
  • Delete an entire thread

    You can also choose to delete an entire thread. This will delete both the initial comment and any replies.

    • Select the initial comment in the thread.

    • Click on the three-dot menu on the right side of the Comment box.

    • Select Delete Thread from the options:

      Delete thread
    • The entire thread will be immediately deleted.

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