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Understanding Vibe Canvas offline modes
Understanding Vibe Canvas offline modes

Vibe Canvas offers two off-line modes to keep your data safe and secure with our local/cloud storage and Offline Protection Mechanism.

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It's important to understand the differences between Local and Cloud storage as well as the Offline Protection mechanism.

Canvas Local/Cloud storage

You have the option to store your Canvas files either locally on your device or in the Vibe Cloud.

πŸ’‘ Note: The storage method can only be switched using the Canvas application, not on the Canvas Web.

  • Local Storage

    Your Canvas files are saved directly on your Vibe Board or other device. No internet connection is required to access your files, but they are not synchronized or backed up to the cloud.

  • Cloud Storage

    Your Canvas files are stored in the Vibe Cloud, so you can access them from any connected device. An internet connection is required to view, edit, or create cloud-stored files. Vibe's servers handle file syncing and backup.

  • How to switch between local and cloud storage

    • Go to Canvas homepage

    • Click "Personal" at the top right

    • Choose the storage option that best suits your needs and connectivity.

  • How to upload local canvas to cloud

    • Open the local canvas in your Local Storge

    • Click the "Invite" button in the upper right corner of your local canvas

    • Confirm the upload by clicking "Upload to share" in the popup window

    • then your will find your canvas is uploaded to Vibe Cloud

Offline Protection Mechanism

πŸ’‘ Note: The Offline Protection Mechanism is available for both the Canvas application and Canvas Web when using cloud storage.

  • If your network connection drops while you're viewing or editing a Canvas file, the Offline Protection Mechanism kicks in so you can continue to work uninterrupted. Your changes are stored locally on your device.

  • Once your connectivity restores, all modifications you made offline are automatically synced to your cloud storage.

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