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Vibe Canvas: Jun 2023

Release date - 6/21/2023

Updated over a week ago

πŸš€ New Features:

  • Image Crop: Elevate your creative workflow with our new Image Crop feature.

    • Seamlessly edit imported images by adjusting their size, aspect ratio, and focal point. Achieve the perfect composition by easily centering and resizing your images, giving your Canvas a polished and professional look.

  • Dark Mode: Immerse yourself in an elegant and visually captivating experience with our stunning Dark Mode setting.

    • To enable Dark Mode, simply navigate to the Canvas settings and toggle the option to on.

  • Tidy Up Objects: When your canvas is filled with numerous objects, simply select all of them and with just one click, we will automatically organize the selected objects into a clean and orderly grid layout.

πŸ“ˆ Enhancements:

  • Flip Shape: Easily reverse the orientation of shapes by dragging, including right triangles and more, to explore different perspectives and create dynamic visual arrangements.

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