Vibe Rooms FAQs
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This article applies to the Vibe Board S1 55"/S1 75"/Pro 75".

What is Vibe Rooms?

  • Vibe Rooms is an interactive signage app, pre-installed on Vibe Board. It offers a whole new customizable Home Screen experience on the Vibe Board. You can put on multiple widgets and app integrations on the screen to support your daily work. It is ideal for meeting rooms, factories, open workspaces, and more.

What are the key features and functionalities of Vibe Rooms?

  • Set up meeting room solutions easily with a meeting room template

  • Show up-to-date project progress with studio template

  • Display real-time information with a factory template

  • Boost student engagement with classroom template

  • Deliver eye-catching brand promotions with client room template

  • More templates are coming soon

How do I use the app?

  • Vibe Rooms is pre-installed in VibeOS 1.4.4. Open the Vibe Rooms app from the app list (check system updates if you do not see one). Simply select a template from the Vibe Rooms app that matches your needs and configure your settings.

What is the "template"?

  • The template is designed to help users set up the Vibe Board for any space easily. It offers a brand-new home screen design with multiple widgets to help streamline your daily work or display useful information.

What is included in the beta version?

  • Users are able to make use of meeting room templates to set up a meeting room in a minute.

What apps can Vibe Rooms integrate with?

  • Vibe Rooms integrates with Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. In the future, it will support even more apps and services like Monday, PowerBI, Google Sheets, etc.

What support and resources are available if I encounter difficulties using Vibe Rooms?

  • Our support team is always here for you. Send a ticket from here (see below). We appreciate any suggestions and are ready to help.

Can I manage screens remotely as an IT manager?

  • Admin capabilities will be available in the formal release, allowing managers to set up and apply device screens. Policy options will also be offered in the Vibe One Admin.

Are Vibe Rooms free?

  • Vibe Rooms is completely free during the beta stage. What you experience in this version stays free even in the future and you will not lose any personal settings and data.

How do I switch back to the original home screen?

  • Open the Vibe Rooms App, and select 'Vibe Classic'.

Do I have other home screen options other than the 3 meeting home screen?

  • We have designed home screens for factories, studios, classrooms, etc. Help us with the design by viewing these home screens in the Rooms app and tapping like buttons.

Can I put more apps on the home screen?

  • Users can select from the six available apps. We will be providing more options in future updates.

Why did I lose my events after signing in to private sessions?

  • For the protection of data safety and privacy, every session has separate calendar connections. If you are using Vibe Rooms in a public meeting room, we suggest you set up the meeting service and calendar using a public account in the Public Session. Or require everyone in the team to sign in.

How do I customize a wallpaper after a home screen is set?

  • Changing the home screen wallpaper is not supported after a template is set

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