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VibeOS 1.4.4 - release date: 8/21/2023
VibeOS 1.4.4 - release date: 8/21/2023
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πŸš€ New Features:

  • Automatically sync your apps across different boards

    No more manual app downloads every time you switch boards. With this default Auto-Download setting turned on, all the applications installed under your private account will be ready for use when you sign in on a different board.

    Please note that this feature is available from version 1.4.4 onwards. Apps installed prior to this version will not sync automatically.

  • Remove offboarded user accounts to ensure security and free up board storage

    The new account removal feature allows you to delete offboarded user accounts, along with associated storage. This will not only free up storage on your board for more critical use but also ensure the security of your workspace.

    Plus, administrators can establish password requirements for this function, adding an extra layer of control and security.

πŸ“ˆ Enhancement:

  • VibeOS: Upgraded onboarding guidance

    The onboarding flow has been upgraded. From PIN set-up and app installation to video conference management and more, we've got you covered with intuitive guidance at every step of your journey.

πŸ› οΈ Bug Fix:

  • VibeOS: Fix some casting issues to improve AirPlay stability.

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