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Vibe Canvas: Nov 2023

Release date - 11/17/2023

Updated over a week ago

🚀 New Features:

  • Section: With the new Section feature, you can bundle various objects together within a designated section for improved organization and streamlined navigation.

  • Rich Format Text support for Textfield: Canvas text box now boasts rich text format capabilities. This allows you to modify the font style, color, alignment, bold or italic within a singular text field. Get your content to look precisely how you want it.

🛸 Pro Features for Trial:

  • Diverse New Canvas types to match your needs: While an infinite canvas provides ample space, we recognize the need for more structured options. Introducing one-directional and fixed-size canvases to make your work stand out with the right size.

  • New layout options for imported PDF: Beyond the standard “One per page” layout, adapt your imported files with the “light table” or “Waterfall” options, tailoring displays to your content’s needs.

  • Canvas Huddle: You can invite all collaborators who are in the same Canvas to start Canvas Huddle, which facilitates more intimate and targeted collaborative session without disrupting focus.

  • Call all to Me: Bring all collaborators to focus on your content just by one click, making your collaboration smoother and ensuring everyone stays on track without needing individual reminders. It’s your tool for seamless and efficient collaboration during demos or when showcasing ideas.

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