VibeOS & Vibe Apps: Nov, 2023
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💡 Note: Here are the latest updates we've made to improve your experience with Vibe. Check it out!

Vibe Canvas

  • Rich text formatting to make clearer content with enhanced styling option

    Canvas text box now boasts rich text format capabilities. This allows you to modify the font style, color, alignment, bold or italic within a singular text field. Get your content to look precisely how you want it.

  • Streamlined content organization with new Section functionality

    With the new Section feature, you can bundle various objects together within a designated section for improved organization and streamlined navigation.

  • New layout options for imported PDF

    Beyond the standard “One per page” layout, adapt your imported files with the “light table” or “Waterfall” options, tailoring displays to your content's needs.

  • Diverse canvas types to match your needs

    While an infinite canvas provides ample space, we recognize the need for more structured options. Introducing one-directional and fixed-size canvases to make your work stand out with the right size.

Vibe One

Vibe One, the device management service for Vibe Board, now has a web counterpart. The web version retains most mobile features, introduces wireless screencasting, and seamlessly incorporates the previously standalone Admin Console as Vibe One Admin.

Vibe One Web

  • Replicate your mobile experience on web

    Whether you're looking to remotely control your board, share files, or swiftly sign in, you can now accomplish it all right from your desktop browser.

  • Experience instant screencasting

    Simply access Vibe One Web and immediately cast content to your Vibe Board, even without the need for sign-in.

  • Integrated Admin Console

    The dedicated admin console now fully integrates within Vibe One, as Vibe One Admin, for a more cohesive experience.

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Vibe One Admin

  • Intuitive new interface

  • Effortless bulk onboarding

    Onboarding multiple members can be tedious. Now, you can simplify the process by uploading a CSV list containing the email addresses of the members you wish to add.

  • Adjust policies for individual devices with ease

    Our new policy setting entry is available on every device's setting page, allowing for device-specific adjustments without affecting others.

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