Vibe Plus FAQs
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Plan Details & Features

  • Q: What services and features are included in the Vibe Plus plan?
    A: The Vibe Plus Plan includes 3 Vibe Apps: Vibe Canvas, Vibe Rooms, and Vibe One, with Free, Pro, Business and Enterprise tiers. The Free Plan provides all the fundamental features of the services, catering to your basic needs. Meanwhile, you’ll get access to advanced features and enhanced customer support with the paid plans.

  • Q: Can Vibe Plus be used on any Vibe Board? What are the device requirements for Vibe Plus?
    A: Vibe Plus is compatible with our S1 and Pro series Vibe Boards, provided they are enrolled to your workspace.

  • Q: Can I use the board without a subscription?
    A: Absolutely! The Free Plan under Vibe Plus allows you to access all fundamental features for free perpetually, without any subscription obligations. We're committed to ensuring that our Free Plan offers a top-tier experience.

  • Q: Can I opt to pay for just one of the three applications instead of all?
    A: At the moment, we offer a bundled pricing offer and don't have separate pricing for individual applications.

  • Q: How do I initiate using Vibe Plus?
    A: Once you've purchased a Vibe Board and completed the setup, you'll automatically be on the Free Plan. For premium features with Vibe Apps, explore our Pro, Business and Enterprise Plans on the official website and choose one that best suits your organization's needs.

  • Q: Do you have any limitations on team members that can be enrolled into a plan? What if more people are added to my workspace each month?
    A:The Free Plan has no limit on workspace members. For our paid plans, member capacity varies by tier: the Pro Plan supports 1-10 members, the Business Plan accommodates 1-100 members, and the Enterprise Plan is designed for workspaces exceeding 100 members. To add more members to the workspace, you'll need to upgrade the plan first.

  • Q: What if I can't add my Vibe Board to my workspace, or the “Add to Workspace” option is missing?

    A: Ensure your Vibe Board is running on system version 1.7.0 or higher. If your system version is up-to-date, you can add the device to your team via the settings menu.

Pricing & Purchase

  • Q: How is the pricing structured for the Vibe Plus Plan?
    A: Vibe Plus Plan is structured into four tiers: Free, Pro, Business, and Enterprise.
    The Free tier remains accessible at no cost, offering essential features. For advanced capabilities, the Pro Plan costs $49 per device monthly, with a 20% discount for annual subscriptions, reducing it to $39 per device monthly. The Business Plan is designed for advanced management and is available at $149 per device monthly, with an annual subscription rate of $119. For the Enterprise Plan, pricing is customized based on your needs and scale. Please contact us for Enterprise Plan inquiries.

  • Q: What is the Early Bird Access subscription?
    A: Early Bird Access provides a unique chance for Vibe Board users to enjoy our premium features at a 50% discount before the official launch. While some features may still be in development, this Early Bird Access ensures you enjoy these benefits for the full term, even post-launch in mid-2024.
    For example, if you subscribe to an annual Pro Plan during the Early Bird stage, you’ll retain access to these features at the discounted rate until your 1-year subscription expires.

  • Q: How long is the Early Bird offer available?
    A: The Early Bird offer is available until the middle of the year. We will send a countdown notification as the offer nears its end, ensuring you don't miss this special opportunity.

  • Q: Do I get a free trial?
    A: We are not offering a free trial during the Early Bird period. However, early adopters have the unique opportunity to benefit from a 50% discount.

  • Q: What payment methods are accepted for the Vibe Plus Pricing Plan?
    A: We accept major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB.

  • Q: Where can I find my invoices?
    A: Workspace admins can access and view your workspace's invoices by going to Vibe One Admin → Billing, then scrolling to Invoices. There you can click on "View invoice" to see the invoice.

  • Q: Can I cancel my subscription?

    A: Vibe Plus is a subscription-based service, meaning your plan renews every month or year (depending on the term you choose). You can cancel your subscription at any time during your plan term by going to Vibe One Admin → Billing, and switching to the Free Plan. Your subscription will then cease at the end of the current billing cycle.

Data & Security

  • Q: What happens to my existing policies when they become a paid feature?

    A: Your current policies will remain unaffected—they will not be deleted, moved, or otherwise altered. Only the creation of new policies will require a subscription.

    Please note that the Free Beta for the policy feature is extended until the official launch in mid-2024. This period offers your last chance to utilize this feature for free.

  • Q: Will I be able to continue using SAML SSO?

    A: For those currently using the SAML SSO service, it will be permanently available to you at no additional cost. However, following the launch of Vibe Plus pricing on March 26, 2024, new users wishing to use the SAML SSO feature will need to subscribe, as it is included in our paid plans.

  • Q: What happens to my data and projects if I end my subscription?
    A: Upon the conclusion of your subscription, your account will transition to our Free Plan. All your data and projects remain accessible unless you opt to delete your account. However, functionalities exclusive to the paid plans will become unavailable. For example, should your data surpass the limits of the Free Plan, editing your canvases will be restricted, though viewing and exporting will remain unhindered.

  • Q: Is my data secure?

    A: Rest assured, the security of your data is a priority for us. We employ industry-standard data encryption and robust privacy protections to ensure your information remains secure. Your data is well-protected with us, granting you peace of mind as you utilize our platform.

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