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VibeOS 1.7.4 - release date: 5/31/2024
VibeOS 1.7.4 - release date: 5/31/2024
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πŸš€ New Features:

New features and templates in Vibe Rooms

  • Custom room

    • Fully personalize your home screen using your favorite widgets and apps

    • Up to 4 widgets/apps on one home screen, with customizable layouts

  • Widget / template updates

    • Weather

      • Real-time weather and forecast with beautiful animations

      • Available in custom room

    • World clock

      • Add a new visual style to display city landscape and natural scenery

      • Available in custom room

    • PowerBI (PowerBI reports/dashboard)

    • Class break (class schedule image and announcements)

    • Team culture (team-building memories and information)

    • Event (information on upcoming event)

πŸ› οΈ Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the annotation toolbar froze after sending an email when CPU usage was too high.

  • Applied a compatibility patch for all Owl series cameras

πŸ“– Release History
For further details on release history information, please refer to the attached link.

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