How to do a PowerPoint presentation

Ready to impress with your Vibe Board and PowerPoint Presentation? Check out these tips.

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This article applies to the Vibe Board S1 55"/S1 75"/Pro 75".

If you are using the Original Vibe Board 55β€³, please check this article.

Download and Installation

  1. Go to the Vibe App Store and download PowerPoint.

  2. Once downloaded, you'll be able to see PowerPoint on your home screen.

Prepare PowerPoint (PPT) File

  • Before you open the PowerPoint app, prepare your PPT files by following the steps below. If your presentation is saved on OneDrive, you can jump to the next step.

    πŸ’‘ Note: This is a very important step. Otherwise, you may be not able to find your files in the PowerPoint app.
    • Open "Files" on the home screen to enter the file management system.

    • Enter your "USB Drive" to find your PPT file.

    • Copy and paste your PPT file to the folder "Android files -> Documents"

Start PowerPoint Presentation

  • Sign Into Microsoft Account

  1. Let's open the PowerPoint app from the home screen. Since it's your first time opening PowerPoint, you'll be asked to log into your Microsoft account.

  2. After logging in successfully, you'll see the main page for PowerPoint (as seen below). On the left side, you'll see any PPT files from your OneDrive. If your presentation file is stored in OneDrive, you can simply open it and start your presentation.

  • How to Find Local PPT File

  1. For local PPT files, select "Open Other Presentations" at the corner of your screen. Then, you'll see the below page:

  2. Click "This device" to enter local file storage.

    πŸ’‘ Note: If this is the first time you are using PowerPoint on your Vibe Board, a notification will pop up to request access.
    • Hit "Go to settings" in the pop up window.

    • Enable "Allow access to manage all files". Then go back to PowerPoint by clicking the arrow "←" at top left.

    • Now, you'll be able to see the local storage folder.

    • In this case, we put our PPT file under "Document", so we can find it by selecting "This device -> Documents".

Presentation and Annotation

  1. After you open a PPT file, you can find the presentation button at the top right. You'll able to edit your file as well.

  2. During your presentation, remember to make the most out of Vibe's annotation functions!

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