How to Enroll the Vibe Board
Read this article to know how to manage your Vibe Board remotely.
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This article applies to the Vibe Board S1 55″/Vibe Board Pro 75″.

If you are using the Original Vibe Board 55″, please see this article.


Create a Workspace in the Vibe Admin Console

  1. Go to the Vibe Admin Console from your computer and sign in or sign up with your email.

  2. Next, you need to create a new Workspace for your team. Enter a name for your company or team, and click on "Next".

  3. Then you can access your Workspace as below.


You've created a Workspace! Let's switch to the Vibe Board side of things.

💡 Note: You can only enroll the Vibe Board S1 55″/Vibe Board Pro 75″ during its very first setup or after you reset the board.

  1. Click "Enroll Now" to start the enrollment process from your board.

  2. Sign in via VibeOne or your account.

  3. After you sign in successfully, confirm the enrollment by clicking "Enroll".

  4. If your enrollment is successful, you'll see the below page:

⚠️ Caution: If you see the below error message, please follow this article with the resolution.

Now, all the steps from the Vibe Board end have been completed.

  • Go back to the Admin Console page from your laptop. Now you'll be able to see this Vibe Board has been enrolled under "Device Management".

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