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How to do annotation on Vibe

With Vibe's Annotation feature, you can annotate on anything - from screencasting, or on top of any 3rd party applications.

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This article applies to the Vibe Board S1 55"/S1 75"/Pro 75".

If you are using the Original Vibe Board 55โ€ณ, please check this article.

Start Annotation

  • Click the "Annotation" button on the right side of the bottom toolbar to enter annotation mode.

  • An annotation toolbar will appear on the right by default. Additionally, the "Annotation" button on the bottom toolbar will switch to 'active'.

Basic Annotation Tool

  • Eraser: Select this tool to clear a note you made during annotation. If you click the "Eraser" button again, you'll get the option to "Clear Screen". Be careful, this option will clear all annotations on the screen.

  • Pen: Select this tool for basic pen drawing. If you click the "Pen" button again, the pen color palette will appear.

  • Marker: Select this tool for basic marker drawing. If you click the "Marker" button again, the marker color palette will appear.

  • Laser: Select this tool for a laser pointer. If you click the "Laser" button again, you can choose between 4 colors for the laser.

Save and Share Your Annotation

Tap the "Option" button on the annotation toolbar. A pop-up window will appear.

  • Save to local folder: This option saves a full screenshot of your current annotations to a local folder. By default, it saves to the "Download" folder.

  • Send to email: This option will send a email attached with your current annotation file. If you're already signed in, your email address will be filled in automatically.

  • Crop to save: This option allows you to select a specific annotation area and save. You can choose to save that crop to a local folder or send via email.

Configuration and Preferences

The last three options in the pop-up window focus on additional annotation settings.

  • Minimize toolbar: After clicking this, your toolbar will collapse into a small icon in the bottom right corner. To maximize the toolbar again, just tap this icon.

  • Toolbar position: Customize your toolbar position to one of three places: Right/Left/Bottom.

  • Preferences: Here, you can customize your stylus actions during annotations (if you've already paired one S1 Stylus).

    • "Single click on main stylus button" has two options:

      • Switch to pen/eraser

      • Switch to each pen stylus

    • "Double click on the main stylus button" has three options:

      • None

      • Clear current annotation

      • Show/hide the toolbar

    • "The local folder to save annotation" option allows you to change where you save your annotation files locally.

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