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How to take a screenshot/screen recording on Vibe board
How to take a screenshot/screen recording on Vibe board

Learn how to capture still shots or videos of Vibe Board's screen through its built-in Screen Capture tool.

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This article applies to the Vibe Board S1 55"/S1 75"/Pro 75".

Get into Screen Capture

  • Open "Control Panel", click "Screen capture". This will launch the screen capture mode.

Capture Type

  • Screenshot: Capture a still image of your screen.

  • Screen recording: Record your screen activity and capture it as a video.

    • When finished, click the stop button at the right corner.

Capture Area

  • Full screen recording: Records the entire screen.

  • Custom area recording: Select a specific portion of the screen to capture.

  • Window recording: Select an individual window to capture, e.g. capture only the active window without the OS dock or capture one window in split-screen mode.


  • Audio input: Configure audio input for screen recordings.

    • Currently the in-bond screen recording feature is not able to capture the background audio.

    • If you have a Vibe smart camera, you could select the "Microphone" option to capture your commentary via its internal microphone while doing a screen recording.

  • Save to: By default, screenshots and screen recordings are saved to the "Downloads" folder. You can change the save location.

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