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Vibe Tap FAQs

Cast to Your Vibe Board with Vibe Tap.

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This article applies to the Vibe Board S1 55"/S1 75"/Pro 75".

My computer does not have a USB-C port. Can the Vibe Tap work with HDMI?

  • Yes, the Vibe Tap can work with HDMI, but you will need to purchase an adapter. These adapters can be found on Amazon, and we have tested them to ensure compatibility with the Vibe Tap. Note that both wires on the adapter need to be connected.

Can multiple users cast to the board simultaneously by Vibe Tap or will it disconnect a user to add a new one?

  • Yes, multiple Vibe Taps can be paired with a Vibe Board at the same time, but only one Vibe Tap can be cast at a time. If a second Vibe Tap starts casting, it will replace the first Vibe Tap's casting. Each Vibe Tap remembers the last paired Vibe Board, so the next user can simply plug it into the PC and tap it to start casting without needing to re-pair.

Do you need to be in the same room as the board and your computer for it to work?

  • The Vibe Tap and Board are paired via Bluetooth, so it is best to use them in the same room. If you go beyond the Bluetooth connection distance, you will not be able to cast the screen.

Can you explain the Vibe Tap and how many would you recommend for two boards used by multiple users?

  • It is recommended to purchase 2 Vibe Taps. Once each Vibe Tap is paired with a Vibe Board, any user can cast directly using the paired Vibe Tap. However, it is recommended to mark each Vibe Tap to distinguish which Vibe Board it is paired with. If the Vibe Tap is within connection distance, it will prioritize pairing with the last connected Vibe Board.

Can the Vibe Tap be connected to multiple boards at the same time?

  • The Vibe Tap can only pair with one Vibe Board at a time. However, you can choose to forget the last paired Vibe Board, similar to how you would with a Bluetooth headset. This allows you to repair the Vibe Tap with another Vibe Board.

How is using Vibe Tap different from casting with Bluetooth?

  • Typically, screencasting is done over a network within a LAN using Bluetooth only to establish a connection. The Vibe Tap, on the other hand, sets up an exclusive network channel with the Vibe Board, ensuring higher-quality casting and enabling more network optimization.

Does the Vibe Tap work the same with all models of Vibe boards?

  • The Vibe Tap will not pair with the V1 model. Currently, the Vibe Tap supports the Vibe Board S1 55''/75'' and Vibe Board Pro 75''.

Can the Vibe Tap be connected to a PC hub and work?

  • Yes, it requires the hub to support USB-C DP functionality and provide a 5V 1A power supply. If the hub's interface does not meet the above conditions it is recommended to connect the Vibe Tap directly to a computer for use.

Will antivirus/security software on the computer interfere with the normal operation of Vibe Tap?

  • Yes, it might. Since Vibe Tap relies on the hotspot on Vibe board, some antivirus/security software might identify it as a threat and block the connection. In such cases, please contact your local admin or Vibe support team to make the necessary adjustments to the antivirus software.

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