VibeOS & Vibe Apps: Sep, 2023
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💡 Note: Here are the latest updates we've made to improve your experience with Vibe. Check it out!

Vibe Tap

  • Elevate your screen sharing to 4K brilliance with Vibe Tap

    • Plug-and-play experience: Initiate wireless screencasting in seconds with up to 4K, 30fps quality. No cables, apps, or training required.

      Note: Vibe Tap is exclusively compatible with Vibe Board.

    • Stable connectivity, no Wi-Fi needed: Vibe Tap connects directly to the board’s hotspot using 5G frequency band signals, ensuring stable screencasting up to 15 meters away.

    • Broad device compatibility: Compatible with any Windows, MacOS, iPadOS, and Android device that has a USB-C port.

    • Touchback control enabled wirelessly: In Touchback mode, seamlessly control laptop applications directly from the Vibe Board's touch screen, and annotate content to highlight and expand on your ideas.

    Ready to elevate your screen-sharing experience? Grab your Vibe Tap from Vibe Shop today.

Vibe Canvas

  • Precise alignment with equal spacing guidelines

    Our new spacing hint for guidelines in Canvas ensures your shapes, sticky notes, and other objects are spaced with precision.

  • Enhanced content privacy with flexible sharing control

    We've updated the sharing controls, allowing for more intuitive permission settings. If you've distributed a link or code, you can now easily revoke access at any time, safeguarding the privacy of your content.

  • Never lose your work, even under weak networks

    Canvas now intelligently preserves user actions even during network downtimes. Once you're back online, everything syncs up, ensuring not a single change is missed for a consistent user experience.

  • Neater object linking with connecter upgrades

    Our improved connectors now merge anchors seamlessly, ensuring cleaner connections and a polished appearance.


  • Comprehensive walkthrough on first sign-in

    Embark on your Vibe journey with our step-by-step GIF tutorials, encompassing key features like annotation, split screen, screencasting, one-click meetings, and more.

    You can revisit the tutorials whenever needed via Help & Feedback in the Control Panel.

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