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How to use Vibe One Admin to manage your board
How to use Vibe One Admin to manage your board

Vibe One Admin gives a clear device overview, effortless bulk configuration, central application management, strict website access control

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Vibe One Admin's predecessor was Vibe Admin Console, a platform designed to make managing your Vibe devices easier.


  • Follow this article to create a workspace.

Access Vibe One Admin


  • Here, you will gain a concise overview of your workspace, including current boards and members.


  • On the Member's page, you can see all the members in your workspace.

  • You can invite people to your workspace as "Member" or "Admin".


  • On the boards page, you can view the boards within your workspace.

  • If no boards appear, please refer to the articles to add a board or enroll a board in your workspace.


Create new policy

  1. Click "Create policy".

  2. On the policy editor page, select the items you want to manage in this policy.

  3. Save your policy by clicking "Save policy".

  4. Your new policy will be added to the list.

  5. Click the number next to the policy to assign it to the desired boards.

Best Practices for Effective Policies

🌐 Network

  • Managed Wi-Fi

  • Adding Wireless Certificate

  • Proxy

    • Never use a Proxy

    • Always auto-detect the proxy

    • Always use the proxy specified below

    • Always use the specified proxy auto-configuration

  • Restrict Network Interfaces

πŸ“‚ User Access

  • Session Management

    • Private and public sessions

    • Private Sessions only

    • Public Sessions only

  • Sign-in restrictions

    • No restrictions

    • Only specified users can sign in

πŸ”’ Security

  • URL Blocking

  • External Storage restrictions

    • No restrictions

    • Read-only

    • Restrict all devices

  • Screen lock

    • When waking up from screensaver

    • When waking up from display off

    • When waking up from sleep

πŸŽ₯ Apps and Shortcuts

  • Force-installed apps and shortcuts

  • User installed

    • Allow all apps and extensions

    • Block all apps and extensions


πŸ”‹ Power Saving

  • Idle board

    • Save power when boards are idle

  • Scheduled

    • Schedule when you want boards to go into power-saving mode

πŸ–οΈ Wallpaper and Theme

  • Set wallpaper

  • Set theme

πŸ’» Screensaver

  • Start screensaver after a period of inactivity

  • Screensaver images

    • Default images

    • Custom images

πŸ”š End Session

  • Hide the end session button

  • Auto end session

βš™οΈ Kiosk mode

  • Auto Launch apps

πŸ’‘ Tip

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