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How to use the Vibe Smart Camera for Vibe Board S1 55" - Intel i5
How to use the Vibe Smart Camera for Vibe Board S1 55" - Intel i5

Vibe Smart Camera makes sure everyone is seen and heard clearly, puts your best face forward, and provides crystal clear audio pickup.

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Vibe Smart Camera is only available for the Vibe Board S1 55β€³/S1 75".

πŸ’‘ Note:

  • This artcile applies to Vibe Board S1 55" - Intel i5.

  • If you are using the Vibe Board S1 55β€³ - Arm RK3588, please check this article for more information.

If the system prompts that you have used an incompatible camera, please check if your board and camera models match to ensure compatibility.

Connect the camera to the board

  • You should see this pop-up once a Vibe camera is plugged in:

  • If you unplug the camera, you'll see this pop-up:

Configure camera settings

  • Once you connect the camera to the board, open the default camera app on the homepage or any other app that utilizes the camera, and a camera icon will appear at the bottom of the shelf.

  • Once you connect the camera to the board, upon opening the control panel, you will also encounter the camera settings icon.

Camera Modes

Auto framing

  • If you enable the "Auto framing", you can change the "Display layout" to

    • Everyone - All participants in one frame

    • Individual participant - The gallery currently supports up to 4 individuals

  • If you disable the "Auto framing", you can adjust the framing manually.

Adjust the input volume

  • You can change the microphone volume in the secondary volume menu. Click the button shown in the red circle below to access the secondary menu.

Camera update

When an update is available for the camera, you will find the update option in the camera settings. Simply click on "Update", and it will be downloaded and installed automatically.

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