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How to Use Vibe Smart Camera for Vibe Board S1 55" - Arm RK3588
How to Use Vibe Smart Camera for Vibe Board S1 55" - Arm RK3588
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Vibe Smart Camera is only available for the Vibe Board S1 55″/S1 75".

💡 Note:

  • This artcile applies to Vibe Board S1 55" - Arm RK3588.

  • If you are using the Vibe Board S1 55″ - Intel i5, please check this article for more information.

If the system prompts that you have used an incompatible camera, please check if your board and camera models match to ensure compatibility.

  • When you are using camera-related functions, a corresponding icon will appear on the shelf. Tap on that icon and you will find the C1 settings panel.

  • How can I choose the camera mode?

    • Manual Mode: You can manually adjust the framing area by dragging the multiplier bar and moving the yellow rectangle.

    • Auto-Framing: The camera will dynamically zoom in and out depending on how many people are in the camera's view. Use this mode for the best framing.

    • Gallery Mode: Everyone in the frame will have their own portrait window. The camera will focus on everyone separately.

  • How can I adjust the volume of my voice?

    • You can change the microphone volume in the secondary volume menu. Click the button shown in the red circle below to access the secondary menu.

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