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Canvas toolbar introduction
Canvas toolbar introduction
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Experience the revamped toolbar design

This redesign consolidates previous modes for brushes, shapes, sticky notes, and objects into one intuitive interface, making it easier than ever to access your tools.


  • Laser

    You can change the colors of the laser, and save it to the toolbar for future use.

  • Marker

    You can change the weight and colors of the marker, and save it to the toolbar for future use.

  • Pen

    You can change the weight and colors of the pen, and save it to the toolbar for future use.

  • Smart pen

    Smart pen feature quickly converts handwriting to text or shape.

  • Delete pen

    Press and hold the pen for an extended period of time and this will reveal a trash bin located at the top of the toolbar. Slide the pen towards the bin to remove it.


You can change the size of the eraser, or use dynamic size - the size of the eraser will change according to the speed at which you erase.

  • Clear all strokes:

    Press and hold the eraser tool, and a message will appear confirming the removal of all strokes.


There is a variety of shapes and colors of graphics available for you to use.

More Tools

  • Sticky Notes

    You can customize the color and size of the sticky note and display the name of the author.

  • Text

    There is a wide selection of fonts for you to choose from. You can also customize the size, color, and layout of the text.

  • Line

    You can customize the thickness and color of the lines, as well as the direction of the arrows.

  • Section and Lasso

    Section allows you to customize the color and rename the sections.

    Lasso allows you to manually circle items to manipulate them.

  • Insert

    You can insert files from your local device or cloud storage, as well as insert canvas templates.

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