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How to use Vibe Rooms to customize your Vibe board home screen
How to use Vibe Rooms to customize your Vibe board home screen
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  • Vibe Classic Home Screen

    From here, you can enable/disable the items you want to display/hide on your Vibe Classic home screen.

  • Meeting Room

    This feature allows you to set up a meeting calendar according to your preferred meeting app.

    • Microsoft Teams

    • Zoom

    • Google Meet

  • Weather

    Real-time weather and forecast with beautiful animations.

  • World Clock

    New visual style to display city landscape and natural scenery.

  • Webpage

    This feature enables you to specify a webpage.

  • Photo Slideshow

    Use this feature to display your own pictures in a slideshow format.

  • Notice Board

    Put it to public places to disseminate important information.

  • Information Display

    • PowerBI (PowerBI reports/dashboard)

    • Class break (class schedule image and announcements)

    • Team culture (team-building memories and information)

    • Event (information on upcoming event)

  • Create a custom room

    Fully personalize your home screen using your favorite widgets and apps. You can have up to four widgets or apps on one home screen with customizable layouts.

    1. Select your favorite widgets/apps.

    2. Arrange the selected items.

    3. Preview your layout.

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