Vibe Board S1 Stylus user guide

Read this article to know how to use S1 smart pen.

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This article applies to the Vibe Board S1 55" (Intel i5) old smart stylus.

Stylus buttons instructions

  1. Page Up Button:

    Press this button to go back to the previous page in the Canvas app, or scroll up any webpage while you're browsing.

  2. Page Down Button:

    Press this button to advance to the next page in the Canvas app, or scroll down any webpage while you're browsing.

  3. Eraser Switch Button:

    Press this button once to switch between the Pen and Eraser in the Canvas app.

    stylus all

How to pair the stylus

  1. Make sure the Bluetooth on your Vibe Board is turned on.

  2. Click on any button on the stylus to initiate pairing.

  3. Click "Pair" on the notification to complete.


How to charge the stylus

  1. When the battery is low, the red light flashes 3 times when any key is pressed.

  2. The USB-C charging port is at the top of the stylus.

  3. Use a USB-A to USB-C cable to charge the stylus*. When charging, the red light stays on.

  4. Once fully charged, the red light turns off.

  5. Additionally, the indicator light turns off when the charging connection is disconnected in the middle of the charging.

💡 Note:

  • If you only have a USB-C to USB-C cable, you will need to connect from "1.USB-C" or "3.DEBUG" port on the Vibe board to your stylus.

  • The charging port on the stylus does not support Type-C fast charging protocol.

  • For example, you may not be able to charge the stylus using a USB-C to USB-C cable connected to a MacBook.

Magnetic Stylus

  • The stylus is magnetic, it will stick to any edge of the Vibe board but the best position is shown in this image.


💡 Tip

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