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Answers to the most common questions about Vibe Smart Camera. Quick tips to resolve any issues with setting up and using Vibe Smart Cameras.

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Vibe smart camera C1 is now only available for the Vibe Board S1 55"/S1 75".

  • Q1: How can I connect the camera to a computer

    • Vibe C1 camera now only supports Vibe Board S1 55"/S1 75".

  • Q2: How can I make the camera automatically zoom into a person

    • Auto-Framing Mode will find the best framing. This dynamically zooms in and out depending on how many people are in the camera view.

  • Q3: Why is the camera not 4K as advertised?

    • Our camera is currently shipped with the AI feature, and for hardware, we are using Sony’s 4K sensors. With AI features our video algorithm may perform digital zooming and cropping of the raw images. This process down-samples the image. We tested that after zooming the 4K image looks best in 1080P and 720P as the final video output. In a future firmware update, we will support 4K raw (un-cropped) image output, but in this video format AI feature will not be supported since cropping 4K and rescaling back to 4K is not true 4K.

  • Q4: Why does the camera’s image look grainy/blurred

    • The camera could be in AI mode which may crop the image with digital zooming.

    • First of all, blurred images may be caused by the fixed focal range. The focus range of the C1 camera is 0.63m ~ 12.63m. This fits most mid to small room’s use-case. Anything outside of this range may cause unfocused/blurred images. On the other hand, camera output resolution may vary across different conferencing Apps. Some Apps may default to 720P when the camera’s image is scaled into a 55-inch 4k screen, this will make some image processing and sensor noise artifacts to be more visible. We are currently now using Sony IMX415 4K sensor which is a larger sensor size compared to most webcams out on the market and performs better with sensor noise. It offers amazing sharpness and lowlight performance. We will continue to thrive and look for supporting better and even larger image sensors in our future products.

  • Q5: The camera is not working after plugging into Vibe S1

    1. Try unplugging and plugging the camera back into the S1, if the Camera-connected message does not show up, go to step 2.

    2. Try reboot the S1,and plug the camera back into the S1, if the Camera-connected message does not show up, go to step 3.

  • Q6: The camera light does not stay on

    • The Camera light will be on when the video is on. If you only turn on the mic of camera, it won't turn on the light.

  • Q7: How can I adjust the volume of my voice?

    • You can change the microphone volume in the secondary volume menu. Click the button shown in the red circle below to access the secondary menu.

  • Q8: Why can't I find any settings related to smart features?

    • If you are unable to find settings for smart features in the C1 interface, please first verify that you are using a camera model that is compatible with your S1 board. Consult our compatibility chart to ensure your camera model supports the smart capabilities of the S1 board you are using. If you have the proper camera model, refer to our help documentation for guidance on locating and configuring the C1 smart feature settings.

  • Q9: How do I check my camera model?

    • The camera model can be identified by the serial number located on the bottom of the C1 settings panel. A serial starting with 'VC' indicates the camera is for the Vibe Board S1 55" - Arm RK3588. A serial starting with 'VBMZ' is for cameras meant for the Vibe Board S1 55″ - Intel i5. Matching the camera serial prefix with your S1 board variant will ensure compatibility.

  • Q10: Why is my camera not compatible with the board?

    • We offer dedicated camera models for each S1 board variant - the 'VC' cameras are designed for the Vibe Board S1 55" - Arm RK3588, while the 'VBMZ' cameras are made to work with the Vibe Board S1 55″ - Intel i5. Using a mismatched camera and board combination will result in incompatibility and certain functions not working as expected. Please double check that you have the proper camera for your S1 board.

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